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     ATY Otomotiv founded in 1971 under the construction of Atılgan Group, aiming the wholesale of automotive equivalent aftermarket spare parts. We have continued our activities in automotive sector since we were founded.
As organized with the branches in London, Bucharest, and Odessa, ATY Otomotiv is active on the following actions with the coordination of our Head Office in Istanbul.

  • Sales and distribution of the leading automotive aftermarket spare part brands in Turkey,
    Original auto spare part manufacturing

         The main principle of our company is to gain the satisfaction of our customers by supplying the spare parts, which are demanded from us, with best price, quality, trust, and professionalism.

         We are pleased to serve our esteemed customers with our sales network which has spread to the each region in Turkey. Moreover, ATY Otomotiv continues to increase the export to European Countries, Middle East, and Turkic Republics in each passing day by aiming to extend this sales network to all over the world.


  • To go on the leadership by generating solutions in our own field in automotive sector.
  • To build the business cooperation on mutual profits by considering the benefits of our business partners.
  • To give the best service with the best quality goods within the frame of customer satisfaction.
  • To supply the best quality parts within the shortest time through our wide sales network.
  • To provide the best solutions to the customers with our experienced and professional staff.
    • To provide the most appropriate service in automotive spare parts according to the needs and demands of our customers.
    • To represent the developments in the sector to our business partners, and contribute to their training.
      To be contributory and guide to our staff in their self-improvement process, by assigning task which help them to demonstrate themself, and always support their self confidence.
    • To work hard with our staff for the prosperity and happiness of our customers.
    • To make ATY as well know brand firstly in Turkey, and then in the world, by harmonising the innovative insight and advancing technology.
    • To acquire a consistent, profitable, and constant growth by getting a competitive advantage, and by continuously increasing the value added to our shareholders and our employee.


The informative meeting held by ATY and DITAS. GIRESUN/TURKEY 2013.






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